Integration Tests

Integration tests are very easy to write with cw-orch and are 100% compatible with actual on-chain deployment and scripting. We provide an overview of how they can be executed here. Find our more about how to setup your integration tests on the Cw Multi Test page

Start by creating a tests folder in your contract’s dir.

mkdir counter/tests

Then create a file called in the tests folder.

touch counter/tests/

Now we can write our tests. Here’s an example of a test that deploys the contract, increments the counter and then resets it.

use counter_contract::{
    msg::{GetCountResponse, InstantiateMsg, QueryMsg},
    ContractError, CounterContract,
// Use prelude to get all the necessary imports
use cw_orch::prelude::*;

use cosmwasm_std::Addr;

// consts for testing
const USER: &str = "user";
const ADMIN: &str = "admin";

fn count() -> anyhow::Result<()> {
    // Create a user
    let user = Addr::unchecked(USER);
    // Create the mock. This will be our chain object throughout
    let mock = Mock::new(ADMIN);

    // Set up the contract (Definition below) ↓↓
    let contract = setup(mock.clone())?;

    // Increment the count of the contract
        // Set the caller to user
        // Call the increment function (auto-generated function provided by CounterExecuteMsgFns)

    // Get the count.
    use counter_contract::CounterQueryMsgFns;
    let count1 = contract.get_count()?;

    // or query it manually
    let count2: GetCountResponse = contract.query(&QueryMsg::GetCount {})?;
    assert_eq!(count1.count, count2.count);

    // Or get it manually from the chain
    let count3: GetCountResponse = mock.query(&QueryMsg::GetCount {}, &contract.address()?)?;
    assert_eq!(count1.count, count3.count);

    // Check the count
    assert_eq!(count1.count, 2);
    // Reset
    use counter_contract::CounterExecuteMsgFns;

    let count = contract.get_count()?;
    assert_eq!(count.count, 0);

    // Check negative case
    let exec_res: Result<cw_orch::mock::cw_multi_test::AppResponse, CwOrchError> =

    let expected_err = ContractError::Unauthorized {};


/// Instantiate the contract in any CosmWasm environment
fn setup<Chain: CwEnv>(chain: Chain) -> anyhow::Result<CounterContract<Chain>> {
    // Construct the counter interface
    let contract = CounterContract::new(chain.clone());
    let admin = Addr::unchecked(ADMIN);

    // Upload the contract
    let upload_resp = contract.upload()?;

    // Get the code-id from the response.
    let code_id = upload_resp.uploaded_code_id()?;
    // or get it from the interface.
    assert_eq!(code_id, contract.code_id()?);

    // Instantiate the contract
    let msg = InstantiateMsg { count: 1i32 };
    let init_resp = contract.instantiate(&msg, Some(&admin), None)?;

    // Get the address from the response
    let contract_addr = init_resp.instantiated_contract_address()?;
    // or get it from the interface.
    assert_eq!(contract_addr, contract.address()?);

    // Return the interface