Rollkit is the open modular framework for sovereign rollups. Their mission is to empower developers to quickly innovate and create entire new classes of rollups with minimal tradeoffs.

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pub const ROLLKIT_NETWORK: NetworkInfo = NetworkInfo {
    id: "rollkit",
    pub_address_prefix: "wasm",
    coin_type: 118u32,

pub const LOCAL_ROLLKIT: ChainInfo = ChainInfo {
    kind: ChainKind::Local,
    chain_id: "celeswasm",
    gas_denom: "uwasm",
    gas_price: 0.025,
    grpc_urls: &["http://localhost:9290"],
    network_info: ROLLKIT_NETWORK,
    lcd_url: None,
    fcd_url: None,


See how to setup your main function in the main function section. Update the network passed into the Daemon builder to be networks::LOCAL_ROLLKIT.


This integration has been tested using the Rollkit Setup with CosmWasm. The following versions were used:

  • Mocha testnet node: celestia/v0.15.0.beta.1
  • Rollup node: wasmd/v0.50.0 (which opens up port 9290 locally)
  • In order to use cw-orchestrator with this setup, the LOCAL_MNEMONIC environment variable needs to be assigned. You can find the right value for this mnemonic in the beginning of the console logs generated by the bash command in the official RollKit docs.

Please contact us on Discord if you have any issues.