Nibiru is a breakthrough smart contract platform providing superior throughput, reduced latency, and improved security, all driven by Web Assembly (Wasm) smart contracts. Nibiru simplifies the existing DeFi trading solutions through vertical integration.

Nibiru Website

pub const NIBIRU_NETWORK: NetworkInfo = NetworkInfo {
    chain_name: "nibiru",
    pub_address_prefix: "nibi",
    coin_type: 118u32,

pub const NIBIRU_ITN_2: ChainInfo = ChainInfo {
    kind: ChainKind::Testnet,
    chain_id: "nibiru-itn-2",
    gas_denom: "unibi",
    gas_price: 0.025,
    grpc_urls: &[""],
    network_info: NIBIRU_NETWORK,
    lcd_url: None,
    fcd_url: None,


See how to setup your main function in the main function section. Update the network passed into the Daemon builder to be networks::NIBIRU_ITN_2.